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Uncle Maddio's Pizza



  • Uncle Maddio’s is in a highly competitive fast casual pizza category and struggled with low brand awareness and brand confusion and wanted to gain a competitive advantage over its competition.

  • They knew they needed to eliminate slow lines during the ordering process.


Menu of The Kitch Services

  • Developed new brand identity

  • Revisit the menu system and menu items

  • New store design


The Result

  • The brand identity was updated by minimizing the Uncle portion of the name and emphasizing Pizza.

  • To increase throughput, a new menu board was implemented and a supplement handout menu with product descriptions was developed.

  • After developing and introducing a new product category, the Foldwich, the brand received a Menu Masters honorable mention.

  • Updated the Maddio's ordering process and created a new lively environment bringing Uncle Maddio to life.

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